1952 Tag Tournament

  Amid the boom of the 1950s Frank Tunney introduced the first tag titles in Toronto. The Canadian Open Tag Titles. The winners were to be decided in a four card tournament at MLG in Aug 1952. The top seeds were the teams of Whipper & Pat Flanagan, Lord Layton & Fred Atkins, and Yukon Eric & Johnny Barend.

  Whipper & Flanagan win the tourny on Day 4 defeating Lord Layton & Hans Hermann (who had replaced an injured Fred Atkins). Whipper and Flanagan hold the titles until December that year losing to Lou Plummer & Dick Raines. Whipper goes on to be a 11 time co-holder through the run of the titles which were retired in 1961. The International Tag Titles replace them from 1961-1977, Whipper in on 9 of those reigns too with partners including Bruno, Johnny Valentine, and Mark Lewin.

  The winners received the Calvert Trophy (no tag belts back then) which lasted until demolished by the Mills brothers and replaced by the (former wrestler and clothier to the athletes) George Richards Trophy in 1954.

52/08/07 MLG Att: 6500 Canadian Open Tag Title Tournament - Day 1
Fred Atkins/Lord Layton W Ray Villmer/Warren Bockwinkel
Yukon Eric/Johnny Barend W Dan O'Connor/Jim 'Bull' Wright
Masked Marvel W George Scott
Sonny Kurgis vs Tiger tasker

52/08/14 MLG Att; 6000 Canadian Open Tag Title Tournament - Day 2
Whipper Watson/Pat Flanagan W Roberto Pico/'Wee' Willie Davis
Hans Hermann/Lee Henning W Bobo Brazil/Sandor Kovacs
Masked Marvel vs Sonny Kurgis
Warren Bockwinkel vs Abe Zvonkin

Ads for all four nights
52/08/21 MLG Att; 6500 Canadian Open Tag Title Tournament - Day 3
Whipper Watson/Pat Flanagan W Hans Hermann/Lee Henning
Fred Atkins/Lord Layton W Yukon Eric/Johnny Barend
Masked Marvel W Warren Bockwinkel
George Scott D Tiger Tasker

52/08/28 MLG Canadian Open Tag Title Tournament - Day 4
Whipper Watson/Pat Flanagan W Hans Hermann/Lord Layton to capture the Canadian Open Tag Titles
Presented the Calvert Trophy emblematic of the championship
*Hermann subs for Fred Atkins, said to have separated his shoulder earlier in the week
Masked Marvel W Sandor Kovaks
Ray Villmer D Jim 'Bull' Wright
Johnny Barend W Dan O'Connor
Tiger Tasker D Dave Simms

Main pic: Poster from Day 2 


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