Featured External Link: 1982 Tournament Coda: What if Toronto?

Next up in our Featured External Link is a section of a great series by Dick Bourne and the Mid-Atlantic Gateway on the 1982 World tag tournament. The entire feature is here Missed Opportunities: The Lost Tournaments of 1982

We didn't have one here in Toronto- but what if we did?

1982 Tournament Coda: What if Toronto? @ The Mid Atlantic Gateway

It was a lot of fun looking at what-could-have-been if we had a round of the tournament here while they were running it in the U.S. We did have a tournament here - but it was a Cadillac Tournament. We're not sure why they never ran it here. It WAS planned. When you get to the end of the article you will see Johnny Weaver on Maple Leaf TV talking about having a tag tourny in Toronto in the near future...

Again, you are probably familiar with the Gateway, in my opinion the best of all the wrestling sites. Dick and David Chappell have done a great job- and Toronto fans will love all of the info presented from the time that we were featuring the Mid-Atlantic stars. 

All of their Toronto content can be found here
Toronto at The Mid-Atlantic Gateway


Bellow 2 of the if-it-happened tournament's probable featured teams. At MLG, right around that time in early 1982.