Featured External Link: 1961 NWA Convention in Toronto

Next up is an excellent report of the NWA convention that was held in Toronto Aug 24-27 1961 at Legacy of Wrestling

The NWA conventions always fascinate me, especially Frank Tunney's place in them. That year 1961, with the meetings held in Toronto, Frank would be leaving as President to be replaced by Fred Kohler.

You are likely familiar with the Legacy site but if not, spend a few days or months! kicking around there. Tim Hornbaker not only writes very thorough books but the site is extensive with great info.

Tunney held a card on the Thursday night, the first day of the convention. Stu Hart was scheduled to make by then a rare wrestling appearance (last at MLG 1955) but didn't appear and never returned. You can see in Tim's notation from the article
*As of September 28, 1961, Stu Hart was not listed on the membership roster of the NWA. Haft, Quinn, Light, and Luttrall paid their dues right before the 1961 convention in Toronto. Hart may not have paid his dues, and was considered not an active member


There were a few things in the Toronto papers. From the Globe that weekend, and below that the lineup with the sub for Stu.