Gorgeous George '61

    Some classic Roger Baker photos from the follow up 'Hair bout II' May 1961 between Gorgeous George and Whipper Watson. The two meet again after their infamous 1959 bout...but this time Cherie's hair was at stake.

GG's valet Cherie was to get her hair cut if her man lost the bout. He did and she did before Whipper stepped in to stop the cut, the gentleman that he was.

You can see GG trying to talk Whipper out of it but the Whip is having none of it. Cherie loses it and is crying as ref Bert 'The Little Flower of Uxbridge' Maxwell lays down the law.

At a re-match the next week Cherie, still upset at the cut, chatted with Watson before the bout. This enraged George who loudly berated her. When he lifted his hand Cherie ducked behind Watson. Once the intros were done GG threw his robe 'here' at Cherie, who then emerged from behind Whipper and 'laid a pretty hand solidly against his cheek' then stormed down the ramp.

Roger is still just a super fan here sitting at ringside - before he started taking photos for all of the mags of the day. Thanks to Roger as always for all he has contributed to the site as well as the collection of original nostalgia and photos that we are proud to share here.