Danny Hodge 1972: Classic Photo

Roger Baker took these photos in March 1972 as Danny Hodge made his only Maple Leaf Gardens appearance. His opponent was a young Johnny Fargo who would later adopt the 'family' name and wrestle as Greg Valentine. Greg's father Johnny was also on this card facing Chris Colt.

Hodge was a former NWA Junior Heavyweight champ at the time (though still billed as such) but won it back the next night in Shreveport. LA. That prestigious title had been held by Verne Gagne, Dory Funk Jr, Hiro Matsuda, and others that were well known for their wrestling ability. Hodge had been appearing on Sheik's shows in Detroit that were running against Bruiser's promotion.

Fargo went on to a successful career as Greg Valentine and had an impact here during the M-A era from 1979-1984 including holding our Canadian Heavyweight Title for a spell. Fred Atkins is the ref looking on.


Thanks to Roger for sending over these dramatic shots of Hodge and Fargo/Valentine at MLG!
Thanks to Gary Will

That's gotta hurt!