1929 Ring Results: Gary Will's TWH

Some of the wrestlers making their Toronto debuts in 1929: Jim Londos, Gus Sonnenberg, Ed Strangler Lewis, Toots Mondt, Stanley Stasiak, and John Katan. All shows were held at Arena Gardens (later known as Mutual Street Arena) and all were promoted by Ivan Mickailoff.

29/05/04 Att: 500 Arena Gardens
Jack Taylor W Jack Rogers (2-0)
Wladek Zbyszko WDec Abe Kaplan, 45:00
Henri Deglane W Karl Oscard, 25:00

29/05/11 Att: 500 Arena Gardens
Jack Taylor W Pat McKay (2-0)
Renato Gardini W George Zaharias
Joe Toots Mondt D Matros Kirilenko, 45:00
Abe Kaplan W Karl Oscard, 19:00

29/05/18 Arena Gardens
Jack Taylor W Ned McCarr (2-0)
Joe Toots Mondt W Tony Rocco, 12:00
Wladek Zbyszko W Nick Volkoff, 15:00
Show is reorganized when wrestlers arrive late due to train troubles

29/05/23 Arena Gardens
Joe Toots Mondt W Ned McCarr (2-0)
Mondt subs for Renato Gardini
Jack Taylor W Wladek Zbyszko
Dan Koloff W Jack Rogers

29/05/30 Arena Gardens
Jack Taylor W Fred Grobmier (2-1)
Joe Toots Mondt WDec Tom Moore
Dan Koloff W Ned McCarr

29/06/06 Arena Gardens
Jim Londos W Tom Moore (2-0)
Fred Grobmier D Sam Rubin (Freddy Meyers), 45:00
Wladek Zbyszko WCOR Pat McKay, 13:00

29/06/13 Arena Gardens
Stanislaus Zbyszko W Fred Grobmier (2-0), 51:30
Jack Taylor WDec Gino Garibaldi, 45:00
Tom Moore WDQ Ned McCarr, 10:00

29/06/20 Arena Gardens
Jack Taylor W Tom Moore (2-0)
Scheduled to be Taylor vs Bill Nelson and Moore vs John Grandovich; Grandovich is prevented from entering Canada
Gino Garibaldi W Ned McCarr, 39:00
Ivan Mickailoff vs Bill Nelson, 30:00
Match is announced as an exhibition and no decision is given; this was promoter Mickailoff's only appearance as a wrestler on his Toronto shows

29/06/27 Arena Gardens
Stanislaus Zbyszko W Ivan Poduboff (2-0), 45:00
Ned McCarr W Fred Grobmier
Jack Taylor vs Yan Sokolsky is cancelled when Sokolosky is said to have been detained at the border

29/07/04 Arena Gardens
Renato Gardini W Frank Altman (2-1)
Jack Taylor D Stanislaus Zbyszko, 45:00
Jim Maloney W Ned McCarr

29/07/11 Arena Gardens
Stanislaus Zbyszko W Bobby Johnson (2-0), 27:40
Jack Taylor W Eugene Lamarque, 25:30
Subs for Frank Altman, who is at the show but has an injured eye
Henri Deglane WDec Ned McCarr, 30:00
Replaces Lamarque

29/07/18 Arena Gardens
Einar Johanneson W Clavio Massimo (2-0), 41:40
Jim Maloney WDec Wladek Zbyszko, 45:00
Jack Taylor WDec Abe Kaplan, 30:00

29/07/25 Arena Gardens
Einar Johanneson W Eugene Lamarque (2-0), 63:30
Jack Taylor D Renato Gardini, 45:00
Stanley Stasiak W Ned McCarr, 19:30
Abe Kaplan W Clavio Massimo, 16:30

29/08/01 Att: 5,000-Arena Gardens
DIAMOND BELT: Wladek Zbyszko W Jim Maloney (2-1), 41:00
Renato Gardini W Ali Hassan, 14:30
Stanley Stasiak WCNC Jack Taylor, 14:00
Taylor breaks his leg

29/08/08 Att: 5,000-Arena Gardens
Renato Gardini WCNC Wladek Zbyszko (1-1)
Stanley Stasiak D Karl Pospeshil, 45:00
Jackie Adams D Alex Kasaboski

29/08/15 Att: 6,000 Arena Gardens
Stanley Stasiak W Renato Gardini (2-1)
Karl Pospeshil W Frank Altman, 28:00
Einar Johanneson W Ali Hassan, 20:00

29/08/22 Att: 5,600 Arena Gardens
Jim Maloney WCNC Stanley Stasiak, 42:30
Renato Gardini W Al Thomas, 14:30
Frank Altman D Abe Kaplan, 30:00
Subs for Ned McCarr

29/08/29 Att: 6,500 Arena Gardens
Jim Maloney WCNC Renato Gardini (0-1)
Stanley Stasiak D Stanislaus Zbyszko, 45:00
Karl Pospeshil W Karl Vogel, 25:00

29/09/05 Arena Gardens
Stanley Stasiak W Jim Maloney (2-1)
Wladek Zbyszko WDec Frank Gaburenko, 45:00
Frank Judson W Ned McCarr, 23:00
Judson subs for Karl Vogel

29/09/12 Arena Gardens
Wladek Zbyszko W Stanley Stasiak (2-1), 38:14
Karl Posposhil W Pat McKay, 15:02
Frank Judson D Frank Gaburenko, 30:00

29/09/26 Arena Gardens
Karl Pospeshil W Einar Johanneson (2-1), 90:00
Jack Milo D Mike Nazarian
Chief War Eagle W Ali Hassan, 15:15
Scheduled bout between Wladek Zbyszko and Karl Vogel is scratched; Vogel said to have been in a train accident; Zbyszko suspended by the athletic commission for not reporting for medical inspection

29/10/03 Arena Gardens
Dan Koloff W Jim Maloney (2-1), 83:00
Koloff subs for Stanislaus Zbyszko
Renato Gardini W Jack Milo, 18:00
Bibber McCoy W Ned McCarr, 9:00

29/10/09 Arena Gardens
Dan Koloff W Stanley Stasiak (2-0), 51:00
Bibber McCoy D Karl Pospeshil, 30:00
Stanislaus Zbyszko D Jim Maloney, 45:00
Subs for Frank Altman

WORLD TITLE: Gus Sonnenberg W Dan Koloff (2-0), 47:00
Stanislaus Zbyszko W George Hills
Karl Pospeshil W Archie Jeannatte
Mike Nazarian W Charles Manugian

29/11/12 Att: 3,500 Arena Gardens
First show of the season
Wladek Zbyszko W George Hills (2-1)
Jack Taylor W Frank Altman, 25:00
Joe DeVito W Cowboy Jack Rogers
Stanley Stasiak was originally booked in Rogers's spot

29/11/25 Arena Gardens
Stanley Stasiak W Jack Taylor (2-1)
Karl Posposhil D George Hills, 45:00
John Katan D Karol Novina, 30:00

29/12/09 Att: 5,000 Arena Gardens
Ed Strangler Lewis W Dan Koloff (2-1), 51:37
George Hills W Joe Varga, 32:30
Count Karol Novina W Charlie Manugian, 10:55

-By Gary Will