Wahoo and Kiniski MLG 1982

   I'm not sure of the photographer but love this pic of Wahoo McDaniel and Gene Kiniski in front of the 'wall' at MLG in June 1982.These two went way back together to Wahoo's early days as a football player turned wrestler. Gene had turned to wrestling after his football career ended in the early 1950s, and was a big hit here since his debut in 1956. 

At this time Gene was back to being a bad guy* while Wahoo was a fan favorite. Wahoo took on Sgt Slaughter (U.S. champ, Slaughter's title not on line) while big Gene took on Angelo Mosca in a Texas Death Match for Mosca's Canadian Title. Wahoo won, Kiniski didn't. This was one of the best cards I attended at MLG. The top three bouts could have been main events anywhere plus Youngblood vs The Destroyer in the finals of a mini tournament to decide the Canadian TV Title.

More info and a few photos from this card at Slaughter and that US title July 1982

*there was a short time in the early 70s vs Sheik when Kiniski was cheered, and occasionally at other times in the 50s when facing a more hated foe. In those days the fans cheered for whomever they hated less.