Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wrestling Schools

A few ads of the local wrestling 'schools' from the 70's.

Whipper Jr was the most active , he also ran shows around Ontario, if you search the blog there are some items. He had a few trainees that were active, Mario Ferriera from our era and later Bloody Bill Skullion 2 of the more notable. Pic below the ad is Jr' in the ring demonstrating some moves.

Dewey Robertson also had a 'school' in Burlington. Tim Gerrard described wrestling on a mat on the ground, no ring, and learning 'how to sell.' Tim trained along with Rick Bolton, Big John Orlick, and others.

Back in the early days of MLW in the 1950's they kept the ring in the MLG basement and Whipper Sr, Fred Atkins , Pat Flanagan, and others would teach the new guys the ropes.  Atkins of course was a notable teacher and fitness trainer back in the day.

If you have an ad for Dewey's 'school' please send it over !

this one isn't local but was Johnny Powers

this one is from 1956, just up the street from MLG , not sure who 'Mr Ontario' was