Thursday, March 23, 2017

Canadian Wrestling Newspaper 1972-1973

I have two editions of this professional well put together newspaper type pub,

It was published out of Thornhill and had photos and reports from both Tunney and Wildman shows and one report from the CHIN picnic show summer 1973. They had a bit of advertising including the high profile Molson Breweries so had some connections.

I don't recognize any of the names, one of the stories is by 'Eddie Haskell' so  thought maybe Rudy of the CWR had something to do with it as the photos and content are similar to what they were covering but he said he didn't so ...

Unsure how many issues they put out but the Fall 73 issue has an ad for the first issue. That's the other one I have Fall 72 so may just be the two. If you you have any others or any info please drop me a line.