Monday, January 9, 2017

Jan 10 1957 Champions Abound: Classic Clippings

Looking through scrapbooks of original clippings from the 1950's there is no doubt Toronto was indeed a major city in the world of Pro-Wrestling ! !

Thesz, Hutton, Rogers, Watson, Kiniski, Rocca, Yukon Eric and many other big names made their way here or stayed around for years. It made for some interesting tag bouts too

This bout from 60 years ago tomorrow features a former World champ in Watson and 3 future World champs in Rogers, O'Connor, and Kiniski.

This bout was the first meeting of Watson and Kiniski coming after Kiniski initiated their long feud by interfering in a bout between Whipper and Rogers at MLG one week earlier.

Thanks to Roger Baker !