Toronto: Early Timeline

John Joseph 'Jack' Corcoran is born in Toronto. Toronto businessman and noted sportsman, he forms the Queensbury Club in 1923 when he joined with local boxing promoter Eddie Rudd. In 1931 he was awarded the wrestling license for the newly built Maple Leaf Gardens.

Phil Lawson is born in Byng Inlet, ON. Lawson becomes a noted amateur wrestler and boxer winning the Canadian Lightweight championships in both sports. He had been on the wrestling scene as a promoter (amateur cards) and trainer since the early 1930's and became close with Frank, said to be his 'eyes and ears' and helping with the publicity side. Trained and managed Whipper Watson until Lawson's untimely death in 1949.

John Tunney is born in Scarborough, eldest of three sons to Thomas & Annie Tunney.

Francis 'Frank' Tunney is born in Markham. As a high-schooler Frank competed in football, sprints and high jump at Markham and was said to have won a junior championship. 

Bill Potts later aka Whipper Billy Watson is born in Toronto. He appeared on the semi pro cards at the old Consols Stadium before leaving for England in 1936. His Maple Leaf Gardens debut in 1940 was the start of a 31 year run, most with the British Empire Title. In tandem with Tunney he ran many of the outside towns through the 1960s and later with son Phil/Whipper Jr in the early 1970s.

Jack Corcoran presents his first boxing card with a bout between Johnny Dundee and Jimmy Gooderich at the new Civic Arena on the Exhibition grounds, Corcoran said to be a 'well-known west end sportsman' wanted a big attraction for his debut as a Boxing promoter and Toronto beat out Buffalo and New York City for the bout.

Jack Corcoran teams with fellow promoter Eddie Rudd to form the Queensbury (Athletic) Club to run additional cards around Toronto.

The Ontario Athletic Commission re-licensed the two clubs promoting boxing in the city, Corcoran's Queensbury AC and George Williams International AC. 

Ivan Mickailoff starts running weekly cards in the city at Arena Gardens and will soon feature the first star in the city, once carnival wrestler Stanley Stasiak.

Corcoran is awarded the wrestling license to promote at the newly built Maple Leaf Gardens. Frank Tunney would later maintain exclusive rights to promote wrestling in MLG for more than 40 years.

Staney Stasiak dies unexpectedly in Belleville from blood poisoning after an injury in a Toronto bout. 

The first card at the newly opened Maple leaf Gardens is a sellout with 15,800 paid $13,000 to see Jim Londos defeat Gino Garibaldi.

Frank Tunney, diploma in hand from Markham Collegiate takes a 20$/week job as secretary for Corcoran's Queensbury Club. It is his first- and only- job. Frank later says that he 'wasn't all that interested in the fight game, but I liked the place. I liked Jack (Corcoran), a very fine man, like a father.'

John (Jack) Tunney Jr. is born, 3rd child to John Tunney & wife Fidelis Merrick. Jack would work in the office as early as 1952 helping his Uncle with the phones and light publicity.

Toronto gets its own World Title when Yvon Robert beats Vic Christie. The title lasts nearly a year before being dropped.

After two lengthy bouts with pneumonia and a near drowning on Lake Simcoe Corcoran sells to the Tunney brothers John and Frank. John is working as matchmaker (publicly from March 1939) while Frank had previously been the secretary for the Queensbury Club. Jack would stay on in a non-official capacity helping with the boxing side. Other investors are said to include Paul Bowser, Jack Ganson, and Jerry Monahan (said to be Frank's right hand man), while Jack 'Deacon' Allen (sometimes called a partner of Frank) handles the boxing end. John and Frank lose $2700 in the first 3 cards they put on after taking over.

John Tunney suddenly dies a few days after his 32nd birthday. He left behind wife Fidelis Merrick (d.1969) and 4 children including John Jr. aka Jack Tunney who would later join his uncle Frank in the office.

Frank immediately takes over the promotion and runs it until his death in 1983. Jack Tunney takes over and aligns exclusively with the WWF in June 1984. 

Whipper Watson makes his MLG debut defeating Lee Henning.