A week in the life 1981

Repost from 2007- hard to believe we are hitting 40 years ago this week .....

   In 1980 Frank Tunney went back to running a circuit in the towns around Toronto before or after the big Sunday MLG show. It had been some years since Tunney had put on regular shows around the region.

The 1950's and 1960's were busy times for the Toronto office. Barrie, Stoufville, Oshawa, Hamilton, St Catherines, Niagara Falls, Kingston, Galt (Cambridge), Kitchener, Milton, Ottawa, and others saw regular weekly-or-so cards.

Most of the towns had associates who used Tunney stars but ran their own shows. That ended in the late 1960's for the most part with some, including Dave McKigney, Whipper Watson Sr & Whipper Jr,  and The Love Brothers running their own shows. Often with Frank's guys and/or blessing to do it.

In 1980 with the success of the Mid-Atlantic partnership they went back to running a circuit. Not a full schedule but a week of shows and then space till the next MLG card. They also stopped co-operating so much with others, especially McKigney.

Some of the Mid Atlantic area stars would stay on for these cards. It gave popular wrestlers like Jay Youngblood a chance to star around the circuit while they were usually mid-card at MLG. They would fit a TV taping in also, in Kitchener, Brantford, Hamilton, or Guelph for the most part.

The MLG shows reduced to about 2 per month in this era so the circuit towns may see 2 shows per month also in the week around the big card. Here's a snapshot in Feb 1981, if you have the Ad for the Buffalo show please send me and I'll add it

AD above

81/02/22 MLG
CANADIAN TITLE: Angelo Mosca WP Great Hossein
Masked Superstar WDQ Ray Stevens
Jimmy Snuka WP Mad Dog Vachon
Bob Duncum/Swede Hanson W Sweet Ebony Diamond/Dewey Robertson
Tony Parisi D Kurt Von Hess (subs for Jim Dillon)
Frankie Laine WP Ron Ritchie

81/02/23 Buffalo, NY
Masked Superstar/Paul Jones W Jimmy Snuka/Ray Stevens
Blackjack Mulligan W Bobby Duncum
Iron Sheik W Mad Dog Vachon
Sweet Ebony Diamond W Frankie Laine
Dewey Robertson W/DQ Swede Hansen
Tony Parisi W Ron Ritchie

81/02/24 Kitchener, ON TV Tapings
Iron Sheik/Bobby Duncum W Earl Pinnock/Ricky Johnson
Angelo Mosca W John Orlick
Mad Dog Vachon/Dewey Robertson W/DQ Iron Sheik/Bobby Duncum
Angelo Mosca W Chris Jones/Tim Gerrard in a handicap match
Swede Hanson W John Bonello
Frankie Laine D Ron Ritchie
Sweet Ebony Diamond/Tony Parisi W Kurt Von Hess/Brian Mackney
Swede Hanson W Ron Ritchie
Iron Sheik W Dewey Robertson
Angelo Mosca W Bobby Duncum

81/02/25 London, ON
Angelo Mosca W Hossein Arab
Mad Dog Vachon/Dewey Robertson W Bobby Duncum/Swede Hanson
Sweet Ebony Diamond W Kurt Von Hess
Frankie Laine WP Ron Ritchie
Tony Paris D Billy Red Lyons

81/02/26 - Kingston, ON
Angelo Mosca W Great Hossein
Mad Dog Vachon/Dewey Robertson W Bobby Duncum/Kurt Von Hess
Sweet Ebony Diamond W/COR Swede Hanson
Frankie Laine D Billy Red Lyons
Tony Parisi W Ron Ritchie