Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Carlos Rocha Info

Wouter van Alst of boxrec.com sends some info on Carlos Rocha
his boxing record can be found at http://boxrec.com/boxer/44864

"I came across your request for more information on Carlos Rocha. I'm a boxing historian and because Rocha also was a boxer in his younger years, I have some biographical information that might interest you. . He was originally from the Portuguese town of Tavira, born Jan. 4 1928. Before moving to North America, he wrestled in Europe, Africa and South America. After his wrestling days he moved to Newark where he is reported to have owned a tobacco store. As of November 2014 he was reportedly living in Florida."

Over the years I have received quite a bit of correspondence on Rocha especially after I posted a bit including Roger Baker's awesome photos on the old site

He was here before I started going and to the younger fans he remained a mystery as he saw limited success elsewhere. In Roger's photos you can see how popular he was among the large Portuguese community in Toronto and why he worked on top vs The Sheik a couple of different times.

Thanks to Wouter for sharing this info with us

clips at bottom are 1972 * note they say he is 35 , at that time he would have just turned 44