Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Terry Yorkston

Terry Yorkston, another local legend among the MLW fraternity has passed on at 78 years of age. Yorkston wrestled for many years - starting in Hamilton around 1964? -  primarily around the Ontario/Quebec/Northeast Territories and as a regular at MLG before becoming one of the limited few regular referees for MLW in the early 80's and beyond.

Greg Oliver has an excellent Obit at Slam - Terry Yorkston 

Also a cool item on Gary Will's TWH at TWH - Terry Yorkston Indy Poster

Pic above with Jay Yongblood, below between Mosca and Studd and bottom waiting for the start of a Backlund Valentine bout 

RIP Terry Yorkston

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  1. Terry was my uncle. Told me many wrestling stories. Remember my dad backing the car up to Huntsville arena doors so Terrycould climb in the trunk to escape the crowd wanting to kill him for winning his match, outside the rules. He was the masked assassin that nigh. Also remember him being called Big Bird in Collingwood one night. Always called me kid. He will be remembered fondly.

    Hal Grant