Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Savage in Canada

Savage who passed away recently though best remembered for his post-expansion success was a real product of the Territory days along with brother Lanny working in their father's Promotion ICW.

Randy also made it into Canada in the mid to late 70's working on top for a time in the Maritimes with brother Lanny. Savage made it into Toronto (as Randy Poffo) in 75-76 following his brother and father who had preceded him at MLG. Both brothers worked the 40th Anniversary show at MLG in June 1976, Randy teaming with Bobo Brazil vs Don Kent and Lou Klein while Lanny worked with Pampero Firpo. Both were classic wrestlers in the traditional mold and great entertainers in their day 

RIP Randy Savage. 

The poster above is from Truro NS 1978 click to enlarge

Below Oshawa 1987