Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Toronto News 1954

A cool publication titled Wrestling Publicity Ink out of Dayton Ohio, Feb 1954 issue. 

Here are a few Toronto related items including a recap of the largest crowd of 1953 at MLG to see the tag rivalry of Whipper and Robert vs The Mills Brothers. Referee Joe Golub whom I have learned took a lot of bumps in his day from both the wrestlers and the fans takes some more!

The author mistakenly refers to the tag Trophy as the 'Calder' (given to the NHL Rookie of the year) instead of the 'Calvert' Trophy. Further confusing is that there was also a Calvert Trophy awarded in Canadian hockey around this time (may be only interesting to myself as it's my family surname -unfortunately not affiliated with the liquor giants). 

Anyways the Mills brothers would end up destroying that trophy after losing to Whipper and Hombre Montana in Feb 1954 and after the Mills destroyed the Calvert trophy they would present the 'George Richards Trophy' which also has a family connection - my Dad worked for Richards clothing business at one point. Enough rambling hope you enjoy the articles !