Monday, March 28, 2011

Race vs Sheik 1977

In the summer of 1977 MLG was undergoing renovations so Frank Tunney promoted a series of three cards at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto. The second of the three on July 10 would mark the final appearance of The Sheik on a Tunney promoted card. 

The US Champ would vie for the NWA Title vs Harley Race in an exciting bout that ended up being decided on the floor of the baseball stadium. At one point Race and Sheik end up on Norm Kimber's table and the normally staid Ring Announcer has to run for his life. 

The action spills outside again and The Sheik attacks Race with the table earning a disqualification before stopping to pray to Allah in a move to stop Race's attack. The NWA champ however grabs a large hammer type object and the Noble One wisely exits to the dugout

77/07/10 Exhibition Stadium
NWA Title: Harley Race WDQ The Sheik
WWWF Title: Superstar Graham WP Chief Jay Strongbow
Andre the Giant DCOR Ken Patera
International Tag Titles: The Crusaders W Reginald Love/Chris Tolos
Stan Stasiak W Al Costello
Haystack Calhoun WDQ Bulldog Kent
Tony Parisi D The Mongol
The Wildman D Pat Kelly
Farmer Pete W Little Bruiser

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