Saturday, November 27, 2010

Johnny Valiant

Luscious Johnny Valiant above -about to crank Chris Colt - was once one half of the Valiant brothers tag team that had success in the 70's as a hard core type team on the Detroit, Indianapolis, WWWF, and Ontario circuits. Johnny came back (Jimmy was working for Tunney at MLG at this point) on Wildman McKigney's 1982 roster and had a wild feud with Colt through 1983, this time hearing the fans cheers in a series of Street Fights and Cage Bouts.

Pic above has Valiant retaining his N.A. Belt vs Colt in Cornwall late Aug 1983, Valiant had won the belt earlier in the month in the same arena and appears to be the last holder of the title which was dropped in subsequent tours when the Sheik was in with his U.S. Title.