Friday, April 2, 2010

April 1 1973

37 Years ago yesterday, the second appearance of Shillelagh O'Sullivan (Pat McMahon) during his short lived run at MLG. He would work just 4 more bouts but would show up on some area shows, later promoting some smaller cards around Toronto.

73/04/01 Att: 15,000
The Sheik W Chief Jay Strongbow
(second ref : Haystack Calhoun)
The Beast WDQ Great Kabuki
Shillelagh O'Sullivan WDQ Lee Henning
Pampero Firpo W Lou Klein
Tiger Jeet Singh W Mike Loren
Gino Brito/Dino Bravo D Mad Dog Vachon/Butcher Vachon
Jacques Rougeau/Raymond Rougeau D Kurt Von Hess/Karl Von Schotz
Big Brutus/Dandy Dan Miller D Tony Marino/Dominic Denucci
Tex McKenzie/Lord Athol Layton W Masked Marvel/Dandy Dan Miller
Geto Mongol/Hans Schmidt W Mighty Igor/Ivan Kalmikoff
credit Gary Will

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