Monday, February 1, 2010

WWF Era 1985

The MLWP site stops at mid-84 when Toronto became part of the WWF, as that's when I tuned out. Actually stopped going around late 83, the cards were thinner, we weren't seeing the stars of th M-A anymore...and the Wrestling world was changing along with the times.

Here are a few clips from the end of 1985, the first full year with WWF. Interesting to see Bravo billed as Canadian champ -based on his status in Montreal when the WWF kicked in there. There's a clip on Youtube where Bravo (the heel) about to visit MLG tells Billy Red that the fans in Toronto 'know him'. All I know is Bravo as a heel in 1980 ? wouldn't have believed it !

Thanks to Todd Cummer for the clips again


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