Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sheik vs Abdullah 1975

Back then you mostly only heard about the angles and feuds, the title changes, or any other big news through the magazines which were at best a few months behind. Into the later 70's I discovered the newsletters and bulletins and could find out in Feb what had happened in NY in Jan. Still, as there was a 'blanket' over real coverage you would get feuds and bouts that were the opposite in other territories.

In Toronto in 1975 The Sheik and Abdullah The Butcher had a falling out , once partners they ended up in a bloody feud that rocked the rafters at Maple Leaf Gardens. As you can see in Atlanta just a couple nights prior they were teaming vs Andre and Wrestling II


Here are a few of their other bouts around this time and the blow-off in the cage

05/03 Detroit, MI The Sheik N/C Abdullah The Butcher
05/11 Toronto, ON The Sheik double DQ Abdullah The Butcher
05/17 Detroit, MI The Sheik double DQ Abdullah The Butcher

05/23 Atlanta, GA Andre The Giant/Mr. Wrestling II W The Sheik/Abdullah The Butcher
05/25 Toronto, ON The Sheik DCOR Abdullah The Butcher (Haystacks Calhoun spec ref)

05/30 Atlanta, GA Abdullah The Butcher W/DQ The Sheik b
05/31 Detroit, MI The Sheik W Abdullah The Butcher
06/08 Toronto, ON The Sheik W Abdullah The Butcher (Cage match)

Happened later too, Mosca as a vicious heel in WWF while Canadian champ here. When Andre 'finally' got his revenge match against Killer Kahn here in Toronto in 1981, they had actually wrestled the night before in Philadelphia and had many 'revenge' bouts by that time.