Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On The Blades

Pro Wrestling and Hockey didn't meet up much during the MLWP era, though if you ever saw Tiger Williams in action it wasn't far removed from the squared circle.

The pic above from Quebec features Whipper Watson (r.)and fellow long time Toronto stalwart Pat Flanagan (l.) flanking goalie Paul Beaubien - taken I would think in the early 50's.

Both Whipper and Flanagan were great all-round athletes and likely quite a force on the blades. The only other notable hockey shot I can think of is a great pic in Greg Oliver's Canadians book of the Sur Le Matelas team in Quebec in the 60's. Picture the Leduc brothers on skates !

Speaking of Tiger, he did manage to get in the ring in Vancouver in 1984, a natural!