Saturday, February 20, 2010

John Studd

Took the above pic on Feb 21 1982 (cropped and smaller pic on the site) as he prepared to meet Blackjack Mulligan in a reprise of their 1980 Toronto feud when they had 3 straight violent Texas Death Matches.

As you can see Studd is not happy with my buddy's 'welcome' to MLG !

Studd had some good battles here, especially with the big men, Mosca, Mulligan, and Andre, and is one of several to have continued success after the WWF came in. He was here so often he could be considered a 'regular' in the area and was one of the few heels that would be nice to you outside or coming into MLG.

The shot below was sent to me, Studd in Montreal holding the Cdn Belt, as far as I know he never defended the T.O. version in Quebec