Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jack Brisco

Jack Brisco was a 'real wrestler' if you were a fan back then. Brisco had been in Toronto many times during his NWA Title run  in 1973-75 but this time he was the challenger and he and Flair put on quite a show with Brisco coming close to pinning the champ June 27 1982.

The magazines were touting Brisco as 'taking another run at the title' but he had no such aspirations. Though he would retire from the ring a couple of years later he was still at the top of his game as another viable veteran facing Flair in Toronto at this time
RIP Jack Brisco

Greg Oliver has a fine look at Jack's career here



Jack Brisco NWA Title defenses in Toronto 

73/09/23        Jack Brisco W Eric the Animal
73/12/16        Jack Brisco WDQ Johnny Valentine
74/04/21        Jack Brisco W Johnny Valentine
74/07/21        Jack Brisco W Tony Parisi
74/08/18        Jack Brisco W Dominic Denucci
74/09/08        Jack Brisco DDQ The Sheik
74/09/22        Jack Brisco W Billy Red Lyons
75/03/23        Jack Brisco WCOR Stan Stasiak
75/11/30        Jack Brisco LDQ Spiros Arion
credit Gary Will