Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Della Serra's

With all the brother tag teams that passed through Toronto over the years, real or imagined, The Loves, Ole and Gene, the Mills, the Kalmikoffs, the Gallaghers, the Kellys, the Smiths, the Marcus', it is somewhat of a surprise that the Dellaserra boys never did make it to MLG. 

They would make some TV Tapings but always seemed to be around us, either in George Cannon's promotions, or other Canadian spots such as Quebec, Vancouver, and the Maritimes. Both would spend a lot of time in Europe and also work under a hood locally. Bob was the UFO in Quebec, Rocky one of Cannon's El Santos masked team.

The Brothers would return to Toronto in 1987 on a couple International cards. These two were great wrestlers in their day, a good mix of scientific skill and ring psychology and while they may not be household names in the history of Wrestling, definitely made their mark here in Canada and overseas.