Saturday, January 30, 2010

Whipper Jr & Pollard

From a British Flyer circa 1971 with a young Whipper Jr on the front and his tag partner Tom 'Red' Pollard on the back promoting their tour with Wryton Promotions.

The only MLG appearance I see for Pollard is Sept 9 1971 in a mixed tag with the midgets vs Whipper Jr. and then some '71 Brantford area, and a '75 Midland, On card. Though it mistakenly says Pollard debuted in 1956 - if 19 in 1971 he was born in 1952 and must have been one tough 4 yr old ! - can't find much info on him, if you can please comment below.

Edit Sept 2011 
Regarding Red Pollard: He was a young wrestler who frequently wrestled Whipper Jr on Ontario cards in the early 70's. He was very good and Whipper Jr and he had excellent bouts with Jr going over. 

For some reason Red and Whip Jr didn't appear on Hamilton/Toronto tv. Red may have also wrestled in Vancouver & Calgary.

Michael Cannon