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Welcome to mapleleafwrestling.com
We cover classic wrestling in Ontario from the early days to the mid 1980's and occasionally beyond.

We are so pleased to have added Gary Will's Toronto Wrestling History alongside Roger Baker's photos.

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THANKS TO ROGER BAKER for contributions to mapleleafwrestling.com. Many of the Classic photos and the main header images come from Roger's collections from his many years as a fan and then Professional Photog shooting Wrestling and Boxing bouts at MLG and around Ontario. We are fortunate to have his contributions to the articles as he shares his memories from the classic days of Ontario Pro Wrestling. Roger wrote many great stories for the Wrestling mags of the day that featured his photos and time spent with many of the biggest stars ever to appear at Maple Leaf Gardens. Thank you Roger!

THANKS TO GRIFF HENDERSON and GARY WILL for their contributions to mapleleafwrestling.com.
Griff and I have shared stuff for years and Gary is the go-to guy for Toronto history.

Thanks to all of the contributors over the years
Ed White (aka Johnny Davis/The Spoiler), Michael Cannon, Chris Owens, Mark Eastridge, Jim Painter (aka Big Jim Lancaster), Tim Gerouard (aka Tim Gerrard), Daren Gleason, Dave O'Halloran, Wes Maidment, Chris Swisher, Mr Thompson, Jerome Mac Donald, Eric Peddle, Chris Drury, Doug McLeer, Pete Jarvis, Rob Elder, Todd Cummer, Greg Oliver, Chris Kovachis, Vern May, Barry Hatchet, Dick Bourne, and everyone who has sent me stuff, or helped with articles !

The historical info comes from the newspapers and original clippings, scrapbooks, photos etc.
I took some of the photos from the Mid-Atlantic era and others come from Griff.

It's always good to hear from family of the wrestlers we feature, if you can help add to the story  please contact me.

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