Thursday, November 5, 2020

2020 Winter Break update

Heck of a year.... 
As we head into our 18th winter break at the Maple Leaf office 
Recent updates include...
Open Air Wrestling in Toronto 
..Outdoor cards over the years 
..Hulkamania takes over the CNE
Toronto Collectables: What's it worth?
..Dig out your stuff! 
Niagara Falls Posters 
..Some classics from 1953-54
Slaughter and that US title July 1982 
..The 'other' US title at MLG
Whip and Togo set Oshawa on fire 1953
..Literally & figuratively!

A couple of upcoming projects...

From Nanjo to The Sheik 
Tales from Toronto Wrestling 
240 pages Black & White with many rare photos
Lou Thesz and the NWA Title, Bruno Sammartino, The Referees, Yukon Eric
Gene Kiniski, Masked Wrestlers, Fritz Von Erich, Bulldog Brower
Jack Corcoran, Frank Tunney & the Office, The Titles
Attendance, TV, Did you know? and more
Dec 2020

 Toronto Wrestling: The Podcast
We have put together a team of creative and knowledgeable Toronto fans to present a 
wrestling magazine type show with conversation, facts, tidbits, and other assorted stuff. 
Due 2021 Stay tuned and take care of yourself! 

The first in the presents series is