Sunday, September 20, 2020

Mid-Atlantic Gateway: Mooneyham Reviews upcoming "Crown Jewel"

A great new book coming from Dick Bourne of the Mid Atlantic Gateway!
Mooneyham Reviews upcoming 'Crown Jewel': Read Mike Mooneyham's review of the upcoming book on the NWA World Heavyweight Championship 1959-1973.  Dick Bourne’s new wrestling book...

“Our website is all about the positive, about reliving and sharing good memories,” says Bourne. “We don’t get into any of the backstage drama. We like to try and present the history of the territory just as it was presented to us back then on television and in the arenas. It’s like back in the days when people passed along folk tales from generation to generation; we want to pass along these great stories told decades ago so that new generations of wrestling fans will know them, too, and those great names will never be forgotten.”

Crown Jewel will be available through Amazon and the Mid Atlantic Gateway Book Store. 
Links and information on all related books can be found at 
On Amazon in late September or early October.