Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Featured External Link: The Legacy of Joe Malcewicz

Wondering how to re-invent the site a bit, everybody on Facebook and other platforms. Podcasts are in - reading is (mostly) out. I still like to read so in the meantime will feature some external links that are connected to Toronto and Ontario wrestling and compile them on the left menu.

First one is an excellent piece on Joe Malcewicz at Slam! Wrestling.

The legacy of Joe Malcewicz 
Before the Viper, Ol' Waffle Ears ruled San Francisco 
by Steven Johnson

With one of the greatest nicknames  Malcewicz wrestled in Toronto, across Ontario, and all of Canada in the 1930's. The info on that 1933 Toronto ad pictured is at Gary's TWH with the 'Utica Panther.'         

Lots of buried treasure on Slam! from both Steven and Greg.


Ad below Apr 4 1933 Toronto