Tuesday, April 9, 2019

TV Footage 1956

This went by on ebay recently. A kinescope print of a Toronto TV wrestling show with 3 bouts called by Dave Price. Not from MLG as far as I can see in the results. Likely the Studio Wrestling  filmed in Toronto. I know of some 8mm 50's and 60's MLG footage and some of the 70's handheld is on the Archives youtube page but hadn't seen any CBC 50s stuff. Went for $185 cdn.
Hope we get to see it ! Very early Billy Red.

ebay auction

"Here you have a 16MM black and white wrestling film from the World of Sports titled Wrestling. Produced by Wilfred Hayden, the technical producer is Ray Hosty, narrated by Dave Price and was presented on television in 1956.

The show was filmed from Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the promoter was Frank Tunney, Gerry Hiff the ring announcer and three matches were held.

The first wrestling bout is between Billy Red Lyons from Hamilton, Ontario Canada (239 lbs) and Baron Gattoni from Italy (280 lbs). The second one is a tag team contest between the Miller brothers Bill (290 lbs) and Ed from Fremont Ohio, USA against Ken Kenneth  (230 lbs) from New Zealand and Pat Flanagan  (230 lbs) from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The last fight is between Steve Stanlee  (235 lbs) from Chicago, Illinois, USA ( AKA as Mr. America) and Edouard Carpentier (220 lbs) from Paris, France.

This is a Kinescope print.

Condition of film and characteristics: 1,800 feet in black and white, complete with the main title, the opening and end credits. Print is on Kodak Safety Positive, no lines except an ultra thin one on the far left of the picture for 70% of the film, 5 minor splices, a sharp focus and a good and loud sound track. Overall in excellent plus to near mint condition. Mounted on a 1,600 foot Goldberg grey plastic reel inside a brown metal Goldberg canister."