Saturday, January 12, 2019

Misc. Roger Baker Photos II: Classic Photos

More fabulous Roger Baker photos from MLG. 

Giant Baba towers over Johnny Valentine in 1964. Baba debuted at MLG in '63 under the tutelage of Fred Atkins. 

Bulldog Brower tend to fallen tag partner Sweet Daddy Siki in 1962 while Whipper and ref Tiger Tasker stand by. Brower and Siki had a good run as a team winning the International Tag Titles.

Roger catches the acrobatic Edouard Carpentier in flight against Stan Stasiak in 1966. Years later when I saw him Carpentier was still a very mobile and exciting wrestler. 

Gene Kiniski faces off with Lord Athol Layton in 1961. All business.

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