Saturday, January 5, 2019

Misc. Roger Baker Photos: Classic Photos

Some favorite Roger Baker photos from Maple Leaf Gardens

Chris and John Tolos 1962. Ref Billy Stack at right. As a team the Tolos' MLG career spanned 1957-1970.

Carlos Rocha on the ramp in 1972. Maple Leaf Gardens filled wall to wall and to the top of the Greys.  The floor too almost completely covered with chairs goal line to goal line. 18,000 fans. They did that 3 times within a month. Announcer Jerry Hiff awaits. 

Waldo Von Erich lets loose on Bruno Sammartino in 1965. Waldo challenged Bruno here 4 times and many more times in the U.S.

Al 'Bunny' Dunlop raises Bobo Brazil's arm. Dunlop was another of Frank's long time inner circle with a career spanning 5 decades in the Toronto scene

Whipper Watson vs Duke Keomuka 1961 with another long time wrestler/ref Al 'Krusher' Korman. 
Keomuka is the father of the AWA's Pat Tanaka.