Thursday, November 29, 2018

US Title: Tile Histories


62/09Johnny Valentine
   Billed as champion on arrival
62/11/22      Bruno SammartinoToronto, ON
62/12/14Johnny Valentine [2]Toronto, ON
63/06John Paul Henning
   Said to have won the title in Washington
63/07/11Johnny Valentine [3]Toronto, ON
63/10/17The BeastToronto, ON
   Managed by Martino Angelo
64/03/05Johnny Valentine [4]Toronto, ON
64/06/04Professor HiroToronto, ON
   Managed by Fred Atkins
64/10/15#Johnny Valentine [5]Toronto, ON
   Wins by referee's decision; isn't clear if this is a title change
64/10/22#Professor Hiro [2]Toronto, ON
   Wins by DQ and is still/again recognized as champion; managed by Fred Atkins
64/10/30Johnny Valentine [6]Toronto, ON
64/12/27The SheikToronto, ON
65/01/03Johnny Valentine [7]Toronto, ON
67/06/11Tiger Jeet SinghToronto, ON
   Initially managed by Fred Atkins; title is inactive from 1968 to 1971; Singh is again billed as champion in 1971-72
   Singh no longer defends the title
74/07The Sheik [2]
   Sheik is now billed as champion in Toronto; had been billed as U.S. champion in Detroit for years; managed by Abdullah Farouk
76/11/19Thunderbolt PattersonToronto, ON
76/12/26The Sheik [3]Toronto, ON
   Managed by Abdullah Farouk
77/02/06Bobo BrazilToronto, ON
77/02/27The Sheik [4]Toronto, ON
   Managed by Abdullah Farouk
   Sheik is no longer booked by promoter Frank Tunney; in 1978 the Toronto promotion recognizes the Mid-Atlantic U.S. title

Originally presented on Gary Will's TWH