Thursday, November 29, 2018

Andy Robin : The Scottish Bearman: Classic Photo

Andy Robin was a Scotsman who wrestled here in 1964-65. He was mostly an undercard guy at MLG but saw some main events in the smaller towns, He even won the first annual Tournament of Champions held in Oshawa in 1965. 

While here he wrestled Dave McKigney's (Jean Dubois at this time) bear Terrible Ted and when he returned to Scotland he raised his own bear Hercules to wrestle. 

As usual I asked our resident expert Roger Baker about him. Roger covered Andy for a mag story and followed him to Hamilton for some photos. Also notable is his opponent, long time area regular Joe Christy who wrestled as the Destroyer for a time before being unmasked. First photos I have seen of him. Ref is Joe Gollob. Thanks Roger ! 

Thanks to Roger Baker