Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Fabulous Kangaroos ! : Classic Photo

We kick off Fabulous Kangaroos! week with a fantastic Roger Baker photo of Al Costello and Roy St Clair with Jack Tunney in 1967 and a note from Roger about the Kangaroo's. Enjoy!

''Often imitated never duplicated'' this was the claim that Fabulous Kangaroo spokesman  Al Costello would make over and over, during the many years that the globally famous team  would thrill wrestling fans.

This wrestling reporter met The Kangaroos in the late sixties, when they appeared in Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens, At this time the team consisted of the veteran Al Costello, and his most recent partner Roy St. Clair.

I mentioned that the magazines would be looking for coverage of the return of the team, and that I would be pleased to do a featured story and photo layout regarding their reappearance to the ring as a featured team.

Al Costello very graciously got permission for me to have the run of ''Cobo Hall'' as they would be wrestling Detroit, at The Hall the following Saturday night. They won their match, and afterwards they took me to a Lebanese restaurant that served wonderful food, Wrestler Waldo Von Eric also had dinner with us, as he had also wrestled earlier that evening. 

Several weeks later I met up with The Kangaroos in Buffalo's War Memorial Auditorium. Al Costello greeted me and explained that he had a new partner now, his name was Bulldog Don Kent, and he told me that Kent was a very skillful, and a tough competitor.
Taking it out on Chief White Owl

As well I was very anxious to meet Argentina Rocca, he was appearing at the Aud at the beginning of a wrestling comeback. Al told me to wait a few minutes, he was going to speak to Rocca about my wanting to photograph as well as speak with him. The end result was a win win for me. I got back to updating the newest Kangaroo team and as well managed to get a wonderful photo layout of the one and only Antonio Argentino Rocca.

Would like to relate one other restaurant experience. This was in Toronto on downtown Yonge St. a ten minute walk uptown from MLG a few months earlier. Wrestler Tony Marino took me to a walk up restaurant, he told me that he had eaten there many times before, and that the food was excellent. Tony and myself had a very nice meal at this spot, and he told me that he always ate there when he wrestled in Toronto.

After their match at The Gardens, The Kangaroos, the team was still Roy St. Clair and Al Costello invited me to dinner at a landmark restaurant also on Yonge St. I suggested the one that Marino and I had dinner at recently, both wrestlers agreed. It was a fair walk to this eatery, the owner was closing up so I urged him to prepare us a meal. He told us every thing was shut off and the food was cold, I said we don't want to go anywhere else and the resultant food was terrible. I felt terrible having let these two tired and hungry wrestlers down.

I apologized over and over, Al Costello looked at me and smiled, in his exact words he replied, 'nothing to be concerned about matey, it's just one meal out of thousands.'

Andrew, above is a short piece on the Kangaroos, just want to mention that Al Costello was the nicest man that ever befriended me in all the time that I covered the sport.