Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Pedro Martinez and Rocca 1968: Classic Photo

Another fantastic photo from our friend Roger Baker. Pedro Martinez seated chats with
Antonino/Argentina Rocca during Rocca's comeback in Buffalo in 1968. Chief White Owl is in the background seated and standing is the Oklahoma Kid..

Back in the 60's I visited Buffalo's War Memorial Auditorium perhaps a dozen times to meet some great wrestling talent, my purpose was to photograph and interview top rated wrestling stars.

During this period it was my pleasure work with guy's like Bruno Sammartino, Waldo Von Eric, Crazy Luke Graham, Pampero Firpo, Abbdullah The Butcher, Argentina Rocca, Johnny Powers, and Louis Martinez to name just a few.

Standout wrestling promoter Pedro Martinez was always very courteous to me, and I found him to make me feel welcome whenever I would make the trip to Buffalo. One incident that stands out in my mind. I was covering a Saturday afternoon show at the Aud. and had brought along my young son, he was at his first ever wrestling show. I wanted to take him into the dressing room to meet the wrestlers, however one of Buffalo's best was who stood in front of the wrestlers dressing room would not let us in at this time, I got a bit frantic and ran out into the hallway looking for Pedro who was rushing out of the building to drive to another city where he had another wrestling event going on that evening.

I asked for help from him to gain entrance to the guarded dressing room, he wrote a couple of short lines on a piece of paper, ''Please show kindness'' we got in when I handed the message to the police officer. 


Thanks! to Roger Baker