Sunday, July 22, 2018

Cartoons: The Lisowski Brothers 1958

The Lisowski Brothers tag team had a good run here in 1958 holding the Canadian Open Tag Titles which they won from Yukon Eric and Whipper Billy Watson. Reggie had wrestled here in 1954 with then partner Art Neilson but turned it up a notch when 'brother' Stanley arrived and they won the titles on their first try.

Whipper then joined forces with Wilbur Snyder to try to take the titles back but the Lisowski's turned back their challenge time and time again. During one bout Bobo Brazil rushed the ring to save the favorites from a beat-down and then he and Whipper tagged to try their luck. They were successful in a re-match and pried the titles away. The Lisowski's would hold them again later in the year before losing them a final time to Whipper and Bernard Vignal and departing the area.

Reggie Lisowski (real name) would show back up just twice more in 1978 with the AWA as 'The Crusher' while Stan (Holek) from Chatham, ON would later wrestle with Art as the Neilson Brothers in the AWA proper but never again in Toronto.

Thanks to Roger Baker