Wednesday, July 4, 2018

30 Years ago Dave RIP

30 years ago today July 4 1988 we lost Dave McKigney, Pat Kelly, and Adrian Adonis in an accident on the East coast. Dave was a hard working, well respected guy who supplied a lot of small towns with great entertainment for many years. RIP Dave

Photo is from Cornwall, ON 1982. None of the participants in this chain-lumberjack match shot are still with us. George Steele, Kurt Von Hess, Chris Colt, Bobo Brazil, Wolfman Farkus (arm).

Five years ago I wrote a piece for Slam Wrestling for which Greg Oliver added a ton of stuff as well as some Roger Baker photos, and it came out a very expansive piece on the legacy of Dave here in Ontario.

Can read that at "The Bearman" Dave McKigney: 25 years later