Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Updates and Summer Break

Great way to start a semi-vacation visiting with Roger and Gloria Baker and spending time in the wrestling room and looking through boxes of nostalgia. Just a small fraction of Roger's massive collection of photos and nostalgia on display.

Such a treat to hear stories from Toronto Wrestling and Boxing from the 1950's on. Roger has great stories about Whipper, Frank, Chris Colt, Siki, and many of our major stars. His adventures with Bulldog Brower alone would fill a book.

When we get back in couple of weeks we will have some new stuff coming up

  • A look at a fabulous 'Fabulous Kangaroos' press kit type with an awesome poster of wrestling moves
  • A look at Frank Tunney's later days
  • Classic Photo's including 'Gentleman' Jim Hady, Bobo Brazil, John Studd, and more 
  • Some new 'From The Scrapbook' with clippings from the 1950's, more Montreal, and much more !