Monday, April 1, 2019

MLG Crowd Photo circa 1950

I had once assumed the 2nd photo with Frank Tunney (r) and author/broadcaster Barry Lloyd Penhale had them looking at a still photo mounted to look like a window looking down on MLG. It's a cool effect with the frame and curtain.

Frank's office had once been described as being 'in the bowels of the Gardens.' They were then for a time where the Hot Stove Lounge was later built, and in the 1960's they were at the Northeast corner on street level with an entrance off Church St. The angle of the Tunney-Penhale photo is off, plus they would have had to be at the very top of MLG and at that point there was no boxes up there yet.

The photo of the crowd appears to be from 1950-1951 I would guess. The ramp was introduced in mid 1948 and the end boards and the banners fit with the early 1950's. Barry and Frank in the office would be from about 1953-54. Penhale was busy as a broadcaster in North Bay for Larry Kasaboski's Northland TV show as well as penning the 'Canadian column in WAYLI magazine.

Even though the Gardens had less seats before several renovations, it is filled to capacity. You can note the gent in the top rows that has turned around likely when he saw the flash of the camera from the last rows.

Thanks to Roger Baker for help with info.