Thursday, September 20, 2018

Sammy Berg, Don Leo, Dick Beyer, Mark Lewin....Earliest MLG debut for a living wrestler.

Updated Apr 2019 
Earliest MLG debut for a living wrestler
  1. Sammy Berg 90 debut 1951
  2. Mark Lewin 82 debut 1956
  3. Johnny Walker 84 debut 1957
  4. Tony Marino  88 debut 1960  
  5. Domenic Denucci 87 debut 1960
  6. Dino Bravo ?  debut 1960
  7. Sweet Daddy Siki 78 (reportedly) debut 1962
  8. Emile Dupree 82 debut in 1965
As of May 19 2018 - MLG Debut listed

Sammy Berg who is listed as 90 debuted here in September 1951 and appeared through 1957. He would top the list as it is currently. The earliest MLG debut for a living wrestler. He is also the oldest on the top 10 list.

Mark Lewin is 82 and debuted here way back in 1956. Incredibly, as we saw him on the Wildman's circuit as late as 1986 and he was still in top shape. He appeared on the MLG cards through 1976.

Johnny 'Rubberman' Walker aka Mr Wrestling II is 84 and appeared here in 1957. But only once. Technically not a MLW regular.

Tony Marino is 88 and debuted here in 1960. He appeared at MLG through 1976 and for George Cannon about a year or two later than that.

Domenic Denucci is 87 and wrestled here as Domenic Bravo in 1960. He put in a full schedule in that year and later came back as Denucci. He wrestled here through 1982 and beyond that on the Wildman's circuit.

The original Dino Bravo- real name- who wrestled here from 1960-1961 and teamed with Beyer a time or two in addition to teaming with Domenic Denucci/Bravo as the Bravo Brothers was profiled a few years back , if still living likely in around the same age as Domenic.

Sweet Daddy Siki doesn't reveal his actual age. Wikipedia has him at 78 but he doesn't tell, likely close to that. He debuted here in 1962 and was a regular in the area on and off through 1986. He was teaming with Mark Lewin on the Wildman shows in 1986, another guy who didn't seem to age

Emile Dupree 82 debuted in 1965
Tiger Jeet Singh 75 debuted in 1965
Rocky Johnson 74 debuted in 1965
Jacques Rougeau Sr. 88 debuted 1967
Gino Brito 78 debuted in 1967
Paul Diamond 83 debuted in 1969
Angelo Mosca is 82 but he didn't debut at MLG until 1969
There may be others from the 1960's but couldn't find anyone prior to 1962 in front of Siki

There are many others who are over 70 but debuted here after 1970
Carlos Rocha would be the oldest at 92 but he debuted here in 1971
Pampero Firpo is 89, debuted in 1971
Danny Hodge is 87 he wrestled here only once, in 1972

If you can correct or add to this list please do