Friday, April 6, 2018

The Destroyer & Billy Red Lyons

Who you calling ugly ! 

Dick Beyer as the 'Original Intelligent Sensational Destroyer!' returned to Toronto in 1979 after a long hiatus. He had wrestled here as Beyer way back in 1956 and appeared at MLG into 1957 and again in 1960-1961.

His last bout here as Beyer was in a tag with Billy Red Lyons in 1961. He and Billy Red became brothers-in-law when they married sisters. When Beyer returned as The Destroyer in 1979 he accented the 'Original Intelligent Sensational' part as there had been several Destroyers and Super Destroyers here over the years.

The main pic has Billy Red, by now the TV announcer, asking Beyer if he wears the mask because he's so ugly. Classic moment between the two. Although Billy Red was mostly retired by this point the two would battle a few times in tags and solo both at MLG and on the smaller circuit.

Definitely a wrestling clinic when these two met, even though both were into their 50's by then. The 2 action pics are from Louisville NY just across the Lake from Cornwall in August 1983 when both appeared for International Wrestling out of Montreal.