Monday, April 2, 2018

Ray 'Crippler' Stevens Incident 1980

Back in the early days of Toronto wrestling, riots and fan involvement was the standard for the day. In the 1940's they put in the ramp to help the wrestlers make it back to the dressing room without running the gauntlet of fans who were constantly attacking the heels. Even with the ramp many of the coming decades most hated (see Kiniski, Fritz Von Erich, Nanjo Singh - he was the reason for the ramp) still had to escape under the ring until other wrestlers or the Police were able to assist in the evacuation.

In our era it was a somewhat rare occurrence for the fans to get that involved. There were some crazies, mostly young and drunk types that would be vocal but not physical. The ushers would sit by the ramp and around the ringside gate and were sometimes heavy handed in putting you back to your seat. Getting up on the ramp was not an option. Till this time.

The card was Jan 13 1980 and Stevens, along with Snuka, Flair, and others stayed on the next day for TV Tapings in Guelph, ON.

The fan ended up charging Stevens and Stevens counter-charged. I don't have the outcome of the court proceedings if in fact there were any but Stevens returned to Toronto in March to face Jay Youngblood.