Sunday, March 18, 2018

Adrian Adonis & Jesse Ventura: Classic Photo

I took these in Jan 1982 when Adonis and Ventura made their only appearance as a tag team here during the NWA days. Both wrestled here a bit on their own, Adonis as Keith Franks as far back as the mid 70's and both would be in the Cadillac Tournament a couple of months after this card but this was the only time in a tag.

They were well known here from AWA TV and both were appearing in WWF rings by this time.
In fact Adonis would face Backlund (also on this card) the very next night at MSG in NYC.

The two also appeared a few weeks later in the Greensboro NC round of the NWA World Tag Team Championship Tournament - the M-A Gateway has that at M-A Gateway - World Title Tourney

The fans were mostly split as to their love/hatred of the team in a bout vs Parisi & Denucci. In the lower photo you can see Terry Yorkston doing a head slap 'doh' after the botched ending when the East West Connection stole the bout from the Italian Connection.