Sunday, August 5, 2018

Gene Kiniski at Make Believe Gardens: Repost

In anticipation of the new Gene Kiniski bio we will repost the excellent Kiniski figures from Make Believe Gardens. There's lots of Gene on the site just click on the link at the left under the 'Filter by Category' section.

Another fine figure from our friend Barry Hatchet in our continuing look at the heels and heroes of Make Believe Gardens. Kiniski was an integral part of the wrestling scene here spanning some 4 decades from his debut in 1956 to his last appearance here in 1982.

He caused a lot of mayhem in and out of the ring for all of those years and he never met a mic he didn't like. One of the most important and notable of the many stars that spent a considerable time in our area. Thanks to Barry again, great job !

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