Sunday, January 21, 2018

Some Ontario Posters

I used to have a bunch of these but gave most away to other fans. These are all Wildman shows except the pink one for MLW in St Catherines 1981.

The one above for Port Elgin is from summer 1977. That one is hanging in our office. It's a good conversation starter. Even non wrestling fans recognise Andre, and if they are an old time wrestling fan it certainly opens up the conversation and often leads to an extended reflection on how much fun it all was back then. Good for business sometimes, and my favourite poster of them all. They used that pic of Andre in many areas, their take on King Kong in front of the NYC skyline. That summer Andre toured Ontario working on both McKigney (Wildman) and Tunney shows.

On the old MLWP site we had about a hundred posters from all through the 1970's. There are a few others on this blog including some MLG just do a search on the right

These are all mostly early '80's (couple mid) except the Napanee which is '76 and the Picton is '77