Monday, July 1, 2019

Whippers Beverages

If you hit the Markets or browse on e-bay from time to time you may find some old 'Whipper's Beverages' bottles, caps, or the very rare crates - from the short lived foray by Whipper Watson into the beverage business.

Whip outside MLG
The bottles are highly collectible and can go for hundreds of dollars. They featured a pose of Whipper with his British Empire Title from the mid 1940's on the front while the neck had 'The Champion of Drinks.' The reverse of the bottle featured a wrestling hold illustrated and the name of the hold below it.

There were several different versions showing holds but I'm not sure how many in total.

Whipper went in to the beverage business in early 1948. It was set up through Dominion Beverages and he went in with his brother George who worked for the RCMP  for many years They were evidently very busy as of July 1948 as Whipper was out looking for new digs as they had too much inventory for their current location.

An item at the time also mentioned another venture with George, a cabinet making operation said to be worth 20k, while the Beverages company with 3 trucks said to be worth 40k. 

They were, in the meantime, keeping their overflow at a farm, and Whipper was talking with area storekeepers who were eager for him to make personal appearances to promote the drinks.

They didn't list ingredients back then but it's likely there was a ton of sugar in these, against the healthy living that Whipper promoted throughout his life. They had Cream Soda, Root Beer, Orange, and Lime..

Whipper was busy on all fronts as he was making big money by this time headlining the weekly cards in Toronto. He would also buy into a Kitchen run by his (other) brother Larry which ran out of a plant (same plant?) where they prepared the orders.

Whipper enlisted some friends as Distributors including fellow wrestler Billy Stack who handled his home area around Bowmanville in 1950.

By 1951 it was done
Notice to creditors
Trustee under the Bulk Sales Act to receive purchase monies from the sale of the plant and equipment of Whippers Beverages Ltd 435 Dawes Rd Toronto which have been sold to Seven-Up Ontario and Dominion Dry Ginger Ale Company for distribution among the creditors of Whippers Beverages Limited. 

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