Sunday, April 30, 2017

May 7 1967 Dewey debuts at MLG

May 7 2017 will mark the 50th Anniversary of Dewey Robertson's MLG debut.
He had trained in Hamilton but was touted as latest protege of Whipper Watson's due to become the next big star in Toronto.

That first bout at the Gardens saw him teamed with Sweet Daddy Siki to defeat Fred Atkins and The Beast (Yachetti). A week later he flew solo against Dutch Momberg in the opener earning a draw.

He lingered in the openers or near the middle of the cards until his first high profile bout in 1970. He was matched against The Sheik on the under-card of a Dory Funk Jr vs Gene Kiniski NWA Title bout but the stardom predicted didn't pan out as predicted by Watson a few years prior.

He would find a niche as a tag team wrestler in the early 1970's teamed with a variety of opponents before donning a mask as The Crusader. He would get a main event vs The Sheik in 1974 to be unmasked as Dewey and after a re-match as Crusader Dewey Robertson he would team with veteran Billy Red Lyons. They would go on to form The Crusaders both masked and unmasked for the next few years.

His Canadian Title run in 1979-1980 would bring him back to the top in Toronto and he would prove to be both popular and successful with great bouts against AWA champ Nick Bockwinkel, NWA champ Harley Race, and the regular contenders for our title including Greg Valentine, Hossein The Arab/Iron Sheik, and Jimmy Snuka.

His last MLG bout was in Aug 1981 teamed with Tony Parisi against Chris Markoff and Nikolai Volkoff, and a bout in Hamilton in September vs Lord Alfred Hayes was it for Dewey here during the NWA days

Of course he went on to a second career as The Missing Link. In fact on his Wikipedia page it lists him as ...
"The Missing Link (Wrestler)....Byron James John "Dewey" Robertson (February 28, 1939 - August 16, 2007) was a professional wrestler, known best by his ring name The Missing Link."

Not for this fan , he will always will be Dewey Robertson Canadian Champ!

I compiled a career record for Dewey some years back and presented it to him , he signed a copy of it for me and it remains one of my favorite pieces in the collection.

It's also coming up on 10 years since Dewey passed on. RIP champ.

67/05/07 MLG
NWA TITLE: Gene Kiniski WCOR Mighty Igor
BRITISH EMPIRE TITLE: Whipper Billy Watson W Johnny Rougeau
Sweet Daddy Siki/Dewey Robertson W Fred Atkins/The Beast (2-1)
Seaman Art Thomas D Hans Schmidt
Mohan Singh D Ivan Kalmikoff