Wednesday, February 8, 2017

1939 Tournament

With attendance waning and troubles from all sides promoter Jack Corcoran put on a series of Tournaments  in early 1939 to try to kick-start things in Toronto.

This was the first Tournament on Jan 19 with 'Jumping' Joe Savoldi the eventual winner in front of 5,000 (another report had 5,500+).

The following week saw another one with Vic Christie winning in front of 6,000.

Yet another one on Feb 9 saw Savoldi win again in front of 4,500, this time he won $1,000 and a shot at World champ Jim Londos on Feb 16, then a re-match a week later.

Despite his efforts, attendance stayed around those numbers and a few short months later Corcoran would pass the reins to John and younger brother Frank: The Tunneys

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